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Harper Petersen & Co. (GmbH & Cie. KG) - Hamburg

Simon Aust - Managing Director

Simon Aust, born in 1976, joined Harper Petersen in March 2004. After his apprenticeship with Slomancharter, he continued with Sloman as a competitive broker focusing on Tweendeckers and Bulkcarriers as well as smaller Containerships. Simon also gained further experience as an Owners' broker whilst he was "subletted" to Vships, London working in the tweendeck market and Allen Chartering, Isle of man, where he assisted the company in looking after their Bulkcarrier fleet. Simon successfully passed the examination of the Institute of Chartererd Shipbrokers. He joined Harper Petersen on the 1st of March 2004 concentrating on exclusive tonnage.

Christian Müller - Pool Management / Finance

Christian Müller, born in 1973, joined Harper Petersen in October 2006. He began his career in 1992 as a bank apprentice in Hamburg. After working for five years in a bank's service and consulting department, he started to study "Mathematics and Economics" at the University of Hamburg in 1999. His studies focused on modelling and simulation, stochastic processes, operations research and industry business operations. Christian passed his degree in 2004. He then worked for about two years as an auditing assistant at Hansa Partner. It was here that Christian gained his knowledge of merchant shipping. He is now in charge of the pool management of exclusive tonnage at Harper Petersen. Christian also attends to the company's financial matters.

Arne Corleis - Director Container Chartering

Arne Corleis, started his career in shipping with an apprenticeship at SAL in Germany, working in the worldwide heavy lift-/project cargo market. After successfully completing his apprenticeship and further 1.5 years with SAL, Arne decided to move into the container market and joined Continental Chartering in Hamburg until 2007. Arne joined the Harper Petersen Chartering Team in March 2007 working in our our Shanghai Representative Office until the beginning of 2010. In February 2010 he returned to Hamburg where he is concentrating on the container market.

Björn Andersen – Director Bulk Chartering

Björn Andersen, born in 1981, started as an apprentice at HLL, Bremen and meanwhile finished his ICS exams. Thereafter Björn worked in the chemical tanker business in Switzerland before he decided to move into the dry bulk segment. After 4 years with a Hamburg based dry bulk competitive broker, Björn started in 2013 with E.R. Schiffahrt where he established the Bulk Chartering department. Early 2015 Björn changed desks within the group of companies and is now taking care of the Bulk Chartering activities of the E.R. Schiffahrt fleet on an exclusive basis as well as competitive bulk business with close clients worldwide.

Marian Gerhardt – Chartering Broker

Marian Gerhardt joined Harper Petersen in January 2016 concentrating on exclusive container tonnage. He started as an apprentice with F.Laeisz in 1998 and after successfully finishing his apprenticeship he continued with Martini Chartering as competitive broker until 2005. Thereafter he worked at Magellan Chartering and Walther Moeller + Co, mainly focusing on container feeder vessels. Marian is a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

Lorenzo De Ferrari - Chartering Broker

Lorenzo De Ferrari, born 1985, joined Harper Petersen at the beginning of September 2012 as a competitive broker with focus on the container feeder segment. Previously he spent a six months internship at Hapag Lloyd in the chartering and operations department and later gained more experience by working at Martini Chartering GmbH, another Shipbroking company in Hamburg. Since 2012, Lorenzo became a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

Mette Mortensen - Operations / Post Fixture

Mette Mortensen was born in Denmark in 1968.  After her apprenticeship with Mentz, Decker & Co. in Hamburg, she worked as a chartering broker for Hans A. Fricke in Hamburg and Herm. Dauelsberg in Bremen. In 2004 she joined the Rickmers Group, working for Rickmers Reederei as a Chartering Controller and from 2008 she gained further experience as a Marine Operator and Technical Assistant with Pronav Ship Management in Hamburg, who specialise in modern LNG tankers. Following that she joined Harper Petersen & Co. in 2010 working on operations and post fixture on the exclusive and competitive ships fixed.

Teresa Jahn - Operations / Post Fixture

Teresa Jahn was born in 1985. Teresa started her shipping career with an apprenticeship at the Ship Agency Sartori & Berger, where she continued to work for an additional four years. Following that she joined Harper Petersen in June 2012.

Tanja Nissen - Operations / Post Fixture

Tanja Nissen, born in 1995, started her shipping career with an apprenticeship at E.R. Schiffahrt in August 2013. After finalizing her apprenticeship she joined Harper Petersen in January 2016.

Katrin Fett - Pool Management / Finance

Katrin Fett, born in 1976, joined Harper Petersen in June 2012. Katrin studied business administration at the University of Wismar and worked for Repower Systems AG and Peek & Cloppenburg GmbH & Co. KG for a number of years in the Controlling department prior to joining Harper Petersen.

Harper Petersen & Co. (Asia) Ltd. - Shanghai Representative Office

Hu Hui - Chief Representative

Hu Hui, born in 1975, has been working in shipping industry for ten years. Hui started his shipping career as a Navigating Officer on APL container vessels after his graduation. After gaining knowledge of onboard operation, he began as a ship broker at Ernst Russ in 2001 largely concentrating on bulk market, where he worked in Beijing as well as Hamburg for two years. In 2004 he started working in the container market, joining Howe Robinson in Shanghai. He joined Harper Petersen in January 2007 as Chief Representative of the Shanghai Office.

Li Tian Yang (Tanzie) – Operations / Post Fixture

Li Tian Yang (Tanzie), born in 1979, started with Harper Petersen in 2015. After she graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, she worked In a couple of logistics companies before she first joined a shipbroker in 2012. She worked in ACM as tanker broker before she started with ICAP in 2013 where she was working in the S&P and Newbuilding Department as an Assistant Broker until she joined Harper Petersen.

Harper Petersen & Co. Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

Richard Wetzki - Managing Director

Richard Wetzki, born in 1980, joined Harper Petersen in August 2013 and moved to Shanghai a month later to work at our representative office in Shanghai, China. Born and raised in Germany, Richard moved to the UK at the age of 16, where he completed his school studies and then graduated from the University of Bath. Prior to working at Harper Petersen, Richard worked on the Container Chartering + S&P desk at both Braemar and Clarksons in London.

Chen Tianshi (Vincent) - Chartering Broker

Chen Tianshi (Vincent), born in 1988, joined Harper Petersen in June 2012. After graduating from the Shanghai Maritime University with an honours degree in International Shipping Management, he started his shipping career as a bulk cargo trainee broker on the cape desk at Seamaster Chartering Limited. Thereafter, he gained further valuable experience within the Department of Transportation at the China Machinery Engineering Corporation in Beijing before joining the Shanghai representative office of Harper Petersen.

Clarence He – Chartering Broker / Bulk Operations

Clarence He, born in 1984, freshly joined Harper Petersen in March 2016. After graduating from her Diploma in 2007, she joined AET Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Procurement Department, sourcing spare part and stores for the vessels under management. Thereafter, she joined Forindo Pte Ltd as a Shipping Executive, handling L/Cs and shipping documents. After which, she began her career in the broking world, joining TGM in Singapore in 2009 and worked for 7 years as a Senior Operations Manager, overseeing the daily operations, whilst also spending the last 1-2 years as a broker for handy size bulkers and mini bulkers. Clarence graduated and attained her Degree in Maritime and Logistics Management from University of Tasmania in 2013.