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Market Report

Container update 26th September, 2003

The last 2-3 weeks has seen continuing high levels of fixtures with many longer term periods being struck long in advance of expected redelivery in the mid sizes and above; and short term business is still attracting premium levels. The Far East has continued to bring in the stronger rates, whereas the Atlantic has been probably slightly less active.

2000 teu and above fixtures are nearly all getting 24 months and above, with rates continuing to rise. The newbuildings Clivia and Silvia delivering x yard next year understood to have managed a wopping $31,250 for 36 mos with K-Line. Whereas Evergreen and Wan Hai having seen MSC and CMA place so many vessels, apparently got in the act themselves and removed 4 ships also with 2004 deliveries, with rates of low $22,000’s for 30-36 months.

The ‘mid sizes’ saw further longer terms of 24–36 months for a few vessels including the Scandia and H Ronneburg, whilst the rate for B170 types seems to have steadied for the time being under $17,000 for 12 mos. Two short term round voyages for K-Line have attracted sharp levels for the Hansa Narvik and Courier.

We understand there are a number of vessels working closely at present, and can only expect the string market to remain so for the foreseeable future.




38,631dwt 4133teu (2304 at 14t) 21.5kn on 85 celled for further 36 mos Med/Cont/USEC trade
usd 23,500
Silvia & Clivia K Line
55,641dwt 4131teu (2856 at 14t) 24.5kn on 135 celled ex yard for 36 mos wwide trade
usd 31,250
Northern Vision & Valour (Virtue Valour & Victory) MSC
40,030dwt 2932teu (2110 at 14t) 22kn on 95 celled for periods of about 24 mos wwide trade
about usd 22,500
Conti Wellington extn CMA/CGM
35,200dwt 2758 teu (1866 at 14t) 22kn on 95 celled for 24 mos Indian Ocean/USEC trading
usd 22,300
Conti Albany (sister) Lloyd Trestino
for 30-36 mos wwide trade
usd 22,100
Conti Esperance & Harmony (sisters) extn Wan Hai
for 24 mos Feast/USWC
usd 22,800
Thomas Mann EMC
31,500dwt 2586teu (2010 at 14) 23kn on 93 celled for 30 mos wwide trade
usd 22,000
Jadroplov Pride sublet to Norasia
35,614dwt 2324teu (1920 at 14t) 19.6kn on 63.5 celled for 6 mos Feast - Med trade
usd 18,800
Lincolnshire SCL
14,310dwt 1733teu (823 at 14t) 24kn/cell for abt 1 mos I Ocean trade
usd 12,750
Conti France & Conti Sydney MSC
23,596dwt 1599teu (1168 at 14t) 18kn on 45 celled for 10 mos wwide trading
usd 15000
Kuo Chang & Lung Simatech
18,421dwt 1471teu (1140 at 14t) 17kn on 29 celled for 12 mos intra Asian trade
usd 14,250 and mid 15,500 resepectively
Millenia Tower PIL
20,794dwt 1404teu (1090 at 14t) 18.8kn on 45 celled for 12 mos Feast/I Ocean trade
usd 14,500
Amalthea extn MSL
14,900dwt 1216teu (840 at 14t) 22kn on 63.5 celled for 12 mos N Europe trade
usd 12,450
Shanghai Express HMM
19,710dwt 1173teu (940 at 14t) 17.5kn on 47 celled for 12 mos inter asian trade
usd 9900
Cape Ann Samudera
15,560dwt 1066teu (750 at 14t) 17.5kn on 38 celled for 6 mos SE Asian trading
usd 9750


Merkur Bay Evergreen
35,450dwt 2764teu (2050 at 14t) 23kn on 99 celled for 30 mos Feast/Med trade
usd 22,500
Annabelle Schulte (ex Iskendria) extn PONL
33,400dwt 2602teu (1852 at 14t) 21.5kn on 89 celled for further 48/12 mos wwide trade
usd 15,000
Wotan EMC
34,000dwt 2526teu (1950 at 14t) 22kn on 74 celled for 30 mos wwide trading
usd 22,500 daily
Cap Palmas sublet to NYK
34,000dwt 2524teu (1886 at 14t) 22kn on 74 celled for 24 mos Feast/S Africa/ECSA trading
usd 21,500
Conti Valencia MSC
33,985dwt 2456teu (1780 at 14t) 21kn on 67celled for 24 mos feast/wcsa trade
usd 21,500
Zrin extn MSC
35,000dwt 2275 teu (1908 at 14t) 19.3kn on 63.5 celled for further 24 mos USEC/S Africa trade
usd 18,000 daily
Andreas Rickmers extn KLine
30,700dwt 2226teu (1748 at 14t) 20.5kn on 86 celled for further 6 mos Feast/WCSA trading
usd 20,550
Conti Seattle CMA CGM
28,400dwt 2113teu (1514 at 14t) 20kn on 55 celled for 6 mos Feast/US trading
usd 19,750
Altavia extn MSL
30,300dwt 2078teu (1705 at 14t) 21.5kn on 74 celled for 3/1 years USG/S Africa trade
rate not reported
Cap Delgado extn EMC
30,000dwt 1829teu (1350 at 14t) 19.4kn on 62 celled for 8-10 mos Feast/Med trade
usd 23,500
Santa Maddalena Delmas
29,610dwt 1808teu (1521 at 14t) 20kn on 52 celled for 12 mos wwide trade
usd 18,500
Hansa Ronneburg MSL
23,579dwt 1740teu (1295 at14t) 21kn on 58 celled for 24 mos wwide trading
usd low/mid 15,000
Altonia extn Lykes
22,968dwt 1730teu (1125 at 14t) 20kn on 54.5 celled for further 6 mos Cont/W African/ECSA trading
usd 17,000
Wehr Mueden CSAV
23,190dwt 1728 teu (1115 at 14t) 20kn on 54.5 celled for 12 mos Feast/South American trading
usd 16,850 daily
Adria Montemar
22,900dwt 1728 teu (1125 at 14t) 20kn on 54.5 celled for 36 mos wwide trading
usd 14,250 daily
Scandia CMA CGM
25,400dwt 1716teu (1295 at 14t) 21kn on 64 celled for 30-36 mos wwide trade
usd 16,250
BuxSailor CMA CGM
23,276dwt 1684teu (1152 at 14t) 19kn on 49 celled for 12 mos wwide trade
usd 16,250
Iwashiro extn MSL
24381dwt 1613teu (1250 at 14t) 20kn on 53 celled for 18 mos Feast trade
usd 15,800
Trave Trader CSAV
22,525dwt 1600teu (1124 at 14t) 21kn on 60.5 celled for 12 mos trade
usd 16,600 daily
Hansa Narvik K Line
20,800dwt 1550teu (1029 at 14t) 20kn for abt 3 mos round voyage
usd 17,500
Katsina (ex Excellence Container) K Line
23,850dwt 1454teu (1169 at 14t) 19kn on 49 celled for 6 mos Feast trade
usd 14,750
Novia MSL
20,150dwt 1452teu (1010 at 14t) 19kn on 43 celled for 6 mos USG/ECSA trade
usd 14,900 daily
Courier K Line
20,150dwt 1452teu (1011 at 14t) 19kn on 48 celled for abt 3 mos rv
usd 16,250
Asian Trader ex Asian Pollux Simatech
22,735dwt 1404teu (1090 at14t) 19kn on 41 celled for 12 mos Feast/I Ocean trade
usd 14,500
Corinthiakos Sea Consortium
25,000dwt 1400teu (1000 at 14t) 15.5kn on 34 conb for 12 mos I Ocean trade
usd 8,500
Charlotte Schulte extn PONL
20,100dwt 1388teu (1000 at 14t) 17.5kn on 37celled for 6/6 mos wwide trade
usd 14,000/16,000
Nordpol extn PIL
20,275dwt 1354teu (1000 at 14t) 19.5kn on 48 celled for 5-6 mos Feast/Indian Ocean trade
usd 15,000
Holnis extn Hanjin
17,520dwt 1208teu (866 at 14t) 17.5kn on 37 celled for 6 mos Feast trading
usd 10,900
Karonga extn Seaboard
17,238dwt 1191teu (669 at 14t) 16.5kn/on 33.5 mpp for further 12 mos USG/WCSA trade
usd 8500
Mabel Rickmers extn MSL
14,200dwt 1162teu (750 at 14t) 17kn on 30.5 celled for further 6 mos US/W Africa trade
usd 9550
Nordsky CMA/CGM
14,190dwt 1158teu (684 at 14t) 17kn on 31 celled for Feast/Med round abt 45d
usd 11,100
Nordsun (sister) extn PONL
for 35-45 days Feast/Mid East rv
usd 11,000
Clipper extn Samudera
14,300dwt 1140teu (684 at 14t) 17kn on 31 celled for further 6 mos PG trading
usd 8800
Jork Venture & Jork Valiant extn MSC
18441dwt 1129teu (820 at 14t) 18.5kn on 40 celled for further 12 mos Cont/Portugal/Spain trading
usd 10,500
Mars & Venus extn Metz Container Line
18,400dwt 1129 teu (848 at 14t) 18.5kn on 40 celled for further 6 mos Med trade
usd 10,500
Martraveller extn Cheng Lie
17,253dwt 1128teu (850 at 14t) 18kn on 34.5 celled for further 12/12 mos Feast trade
usd 10,000/10,250
Jade Trader GSL
14,700dwt 1122teu (762 at 14t) 19.8kn on 42 celled for 12 mos Feast trade
usd 10,500
Jork extn MSL
14,630dwt 1122teu (758 at 14t) 19kn on 44 celled for further 6/12 mos WCCA/USWC
usd 10,100/10,600
Asian Carrier & Asian Trader Tropical
13,600dwt 1118teu (700 at 14t) 20kn on 37.5 celled for 24 mos US/Caribs trade
usd 10,250
Sebastian Caboto GSL
14,764dwt 1068teu (810 at 14) 18kn on 41 celled for 6 mos Feast/E African trade (relet)
usd 9,750
Cape Scott extn PONL
13,700dwt 1055teu (740 at 14t) 18.5kn on 38 celled for further 12 mos SE Asia/E African trade
usd 10,250
Sleipner Marfret
12,583dwt 1012teu (647 at 14t) 17.5kn on 29 celled for 5 mos Med/Caribs trading(relet)
usd 6950
St Irene extn PIL
12,577dwt 1012teu (650 at 14t) 17.5kn on 29.5 celled for further 6 mos SE Asia trade
usd 9250
APL Tulip Cheng Lie
18,400dwt 859teu (714 at 14t) 17kn on 32 celled fixed Chang Lie for 10-12 mos Feast trade
usd 8,200
Freya Fu Hai
23,700dwt 848 teu nom 16kn on 37 conb for 6 mos feast trade
usd 7900
Soochow extn MSL
10,747dwt 844teu (553 at 14t) 17.5kn on 28.5 celled for 6/6 mos Mid East trade
usd 8700/9700

This report reflects information given in good faith to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee.