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Market Report

Container update 27th October, 2003

Overall it would appear a quieter market is now upon us, with many lines having already fulfilled their chartering requirements for the upcoming holiday season. Believe it is fair reflection to say that after the phenomenal surge in rate levels seen earlier in the year for 2000teu+, and lately 1700teu+, rates have peaked, and will probably remain at these levels, at least in the short term until after the Chinese New Year.

However, interest still remains high in the larger sizes with Wan Hai and PIL active recently, having taken 5 vessels 2600-3000teu for 2-3 years for rates between $21-23,000 in the last fortnight. Other charterers such as CSAV, Hanjin and Maersk were seen taking on or two of vessels apiece, with further close discussions ongoing with other parties. Interestingly there have also been an apparent number of market rumours for larger vessels being fixed so far unsubstantiated with Nordmed, Santa Elena, and Nordfalcon still available to charter maintaining pressure on charterers in this size.

The medium sizes of about 1700teu have also leveled off at around $17,000 mark for 12 months, with premiums still for shorter periods of mid/high 17’000s. Although many longer-term fixtures with deliveries well into next year were being completed in $14,000’s, there is an increasing pressure to settle for shorter term at present, as seen last week with 3 CC1600 and a BV 1700 taking 2-3 month charters. This size is much quieter than of late with some lower specified vessels now showing promptish dates, and owners are seeing a much more pronounced Far East/Atlantic divide, with some looking to move vessels eastbound to pick up better paying business rather than facing the tough Atlantic.
There will be some downward pressure exerted in the short term at least, which may actually see a slight if temporary fall prior end of this year.

However next year still looks positive reflecting better economic outlook globally, and increasing freight levels attained for most routes.




Henry Wan Hai
38,717dwt 3016teu (2489 at 14t) 22kn on 86 celled for 36 mos wwide trading
usd 23,000
Eos 1 extn Wan Hai
34,900dwt 2908teu (2045 at 14t) 22kn on 89 celled for 24 mos Feast/USWC trading
usd 22,800
Independence Wan Hai
36,624dwt 2829teu (2420 at 14t) 22kn on 89 celled for 36 mos wwide trade
usd 23,000
Carinthia CSAV
38,200dwt 2826teu (2020 at 14t) 24kn on 95 celled for 36 mos wwide trade
usd 21,700
Patmos & Pacific Hanjin
45,696dwt 2680teu (2459 at 14t) 20kn on 65 celled for further 24 mos US/Med/Mid East/Feast trade
usd 21-22,000
Navarino HMM
37,915dwt 2643teu (2193 at 14t) 21kn on 73 celled for 30 mos Feast trading
usd 20,750
Astoria Bridge extn MSC
43,070dwt 2258teu (2131 at 14t) 20kn on 75 celled for 48 mos Cont/India trading
usd 13,200
Jolly extn Dongnama
29,693dwt 2098teu (1700 at 14t) 18kn on 47 celled for further 12 mos Korea/Feast trading
usd 17,700
Buxsund extn CMA/CGM
23,250dwt 1687teu (1191 at 14t) 19kn on 48 celled for 1 Feast/S Afr/ECSA round
usd 17,000
Conti Singapore Wan Hai
23,276dwt 1684teu (1191 at 14t) 19kn on 54 celled for 11 mos Feast/Mid East
usd 16,350
Bahamian Express Sea Consortium
21,420dwt 1679teu (1230 at 14t) 21kn on 61 celled for 12 mos Feast trading
usd 18,000


Commander MSL
35,600dwt 2674teu (2040 at 14t) 22.7kn celled for 3 years wwide trade
HS Discoverer & HS Challenger Wan Hai
35,700dwt 2672teu (2040 at 14t) 22kn on 83 celled for 24 mos wwide trade
usd 24,000
Mate PIL
35,700dwt 2672teu (2040 at 14t) 22kn on 83 celled for 36 mos wwide trade
usd 17,900
Cap Melville CMA/CGM
33,821dwt 2524teu (1886 at 14t) 22kn on 74 celled for 36 mos wwide trade (sublet)
usd 21,800
Rio Eider & Rio Alster MSL
35,700dwt 2495teu (1820 at 14t) 22kn on 88 celled for 5 years wwide trade
usd 16,000
Liberta extn CSAV
34,015dwt 2468teu (1950 at 14t) 22kn on 74 celled for 24 mos USEC/WCSA trade
usd 22,500
Westerems Yang Ming
30,300dwt 2072teu (1650 at 14t) 21kn on 73 celled for 12 mos Feast trading
usd 20,500
Santa Giuliana Clan
30,200dwt 2061teu (1657 at 14t) 19.5kn on 57 celled for 12 Feast/WCSA trading
usd 18,500
Troyburg extn PONL
26,142dwt 1797teu (1316 at 14t) 18kn/cell for trip SE Asia/W African rv
usd 17,750
Hansa Augustenburg extn MSL
23,579dwt 1740teu (1295 at14t) 20.5kn on 58 celled for 36 mos USG/ECSA trading
usd 14,100
Laura Schulte & Maximillian Schulte MSL
23,579dwt 1740teu (1295 at14t) 20.5kn on 58 celled for 36/12 mos wwide trade
usd 13,150/15,000
Vulkan extn CMA/CGM
23,000dwt 1730teu (1120 at 14t) 20kn on 55 celled for further 4 mos W Med/Caribs trade
usd 17,250
Henriette Schulte extn MSL
22,420dwt 1684teu (1100 at 14t) 20kn/cell for further 12 mos Med/W African trade
usd 16,850
Izumo GSL
24,375dwt 1613teu (1258 at 14t) 20kn on 53 celled for 18 mos intra Asian trading
usd 16,700
Warnow Trader CMA/CGM
22,525dwt 1608teu (1124 at 14t) 21kn on 59 celled36 mos Feast/Med trade
usd 13,900
Dollart Trader Niver Lines
22,525dwt 1608teu (1124 at 14t) 21kn on 59 celled3 mos Med/ECSA trading
usd 17,500
Atlantic Trader extn Maruba
22,525dwt 1608teu (1124 at 14t) 21kn on 59 celled further 3 mos Med/ECSA trading
usd 17,500
Merkur Cloud APL
22,260dwt 1584teu (1090 at 14t) 21kn on 60.5 celled for abt 8 mos Feast trading (relet)
usd 16,750
Hansa Kristiansand K Line
20,800dwt 1550teu (1029 at 14t) 20kn on 52 celled for 8 mos Feast trade
usd 16,500
Birte Ritscher extn MSL
20,150dwt 1452teu (1010 at 14t) 19kn on 46 celled for further 6/6 mos Med/W Africa trade
usd 14,900
Rio Branco QC Line
20,567dwt 1300teu (1000 at 14t) 16.5kn on 30 conbulker for 6 mos SE Asia/I Ocean
usd 10,800
Sigrid Wehr extn RCL
13700dwt 1160teu (780 at 14t) 19.3kn on celled for 6 mos Feast trading
usd 11,250
Nordsun PIL
14,190dwt 1158teu (684 at 14t) 17kn on 31 celled for 5 mos inter Asia service trading
usd 9,850
Carola extn FAS
14,900dwt 1107teu (751 at 14t) 18.5kn on 40 celled for further 6 mos Med trade
usd 10,300
Merito Sea Consortium
14,380dwt 1104eu (765 at 14t) 18.5kn on 39 celledfixed 24 mos Feast trade
usd 11,100
Lania & Stadt Muenchen extn PONL
12,500dwt 1102teu (650 at 14t) 20kn on 43 celled for 12 mos WC Mexico/USWC trading
usd 10,250
Merkur Bridge Star Feeders
12,598dwt 1012teu (648 at 14t) 17.5kn on 29 celled for 6 mos SE Asia/I Ocean trading
usd 9,500
Ex Marcarrier Navimed
14,120dwt 1006teu (690 at 14t) 17kn on 23 celled for 11-12 mos Med trading
private rate
Ardmore Inter Asia Line
15,400dwt 954teu (732 at 14t) 17kn on 31 celled fixed 24 mos SE Asian trading
usd 8500
Cape Byron MSL
10,481dwt 930teu (580 at 14t) 17.5kn on 28.5 celled for 6 mos AG/I Ocean trade
usd 9500
Cape Hatteras extn PONL
12,850dwt 923teu (620 at 14t) 18.5kn on 35 celled for 8-9 mos USG/WCSA rounds
usd 9500
Turgut Kiran Magistral
12,855dwt 912teu (536 at 14t) 17.5kn on 30 fitted for 6 mos Russia/China trade
usd 8,500
Maria extn Heung A
9,393dwt 885teu (540 at 14t) 16kn on 21 celled for 12 mos Feast trading
usd 7,400

This report reflects information given in good faith to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee.