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Market Report

Container update 4th December, 2003

Since our last report the overall market has continued to be relatively peaceful. The downward pressure seen in the last month has been more obvious within the mid sizes, whereas the larger sizes continue to demand and achieve better levels as the continued lack of vessels forces greater urgency amongst the charterers.

The 2500teu + area has continued to see relatively high levels of enquiry, with delivery dates once again well into the New Year again underlining the sparseness of supply. CMA/CGM has once more been active taking the Grand Vision and the Telendos which have seen rates pushing towards mid 23000 for 36 months, and the Engiadina achieved $20,850 for 60 months! The slightly smaller 2000teu vessels are also seeing an increasing number of orders, and Owners appear to be standing firm and waiting for longer term business.

Although more pressure is building within the 1700teu sector, the ‘better’ class vessels are still achieving good levels, such as the extension of the Saxonia for 24 months at $16,300, following the recent 12 month rate of $17,200 for the sister vcssel, Samaria. The B170 types are facing continued pressure with twelve month levels now around $16,000, but again there appear to be more orders surfacing in the first months of next year, and expectations remain positive.




Mare Atlantiicum MSC
52,267dwt 4038teu (3000 at 14t) 25.5 on 144 for 36 mos wwide trade
usd 32,500
German Mariner extn SCI
47,120dwt 2993teu (2480 at 14t) 20.5kn on 89 for further Cont/Indian round
usd 21,500
Grand Vision ANL
44,016dwt 2986teu (2417 at 14t) 21,5kn on 92 for further 36 mos transpac trade
usd 23,250
Telendos extn CMA/CGM
38,500dwt 2890teu (2172 at 14t) 22kn on 94 for further 36 mos USEC/India trade
usd 23,400
Engiadina CMA/CGM
38,200dwt 2826teu (2020 at 14t) 24kn on 95 for 60 mos wwide trade
usd 20,850
Lindavia extn IRISL
30,300dwt 2078teu (1705 at 14t) 21.5kn on 73 celled for further 6 mos Feast/PG trade
usd 21,250
Northern Fortune Hapag
30,685dwt 1889teu (1600 at 14t) 19.3kn on 63 for 8 mos wwide trade (relet)
usd 18,250
Conti Barcelona Evergreen
23,584dwt 1597teu (1168 at 14t) 18kn on 48 celled for 6-8mos Feast trade
usd 14,250
Barbarossa Fu Hai
21,500dwt 1271teu (1090 at 14t) 18kn on 47.5 for 4 mos HK/Twn trade
usd 10,000


Wehr Havel extn OOCL
33,750dwt 2526teu (1895 at 14t) 22.3kn on 74kn celled for 60 mos wwide trade
usd 17,400
Conti Seattle IRISL
28,370dwt 2109teu (1514 at 14t) 20kn on 59 for 4-5 mos Feast/Mid East trade (relet)
usd 19,750
Helene J CSAV
26,250dwt 1900teu (1400 at 14t) 20kn on 59.5 celled for 3-5 mos Feast/S Afr/ECSA rv
usd 18000
Hellas Macedonia MSC
32,580dwt 1889teu (1600 at 14t) 18kn on 47 for 2-3 mos Atlantic trade
usd 15,700
Szczechin Trader CMA/CGM
22,900dwt 1728teu (1125 at 14t) 20kn on 54.5 for 14 or 26 or 38 mos Feast/W Africa trade
usd 16,000 or 15,000 or 14,200
Saxonia extn PONL
25,400dwt 1716teu (1295 at 14t) 21kn on 64 for further 24 mos Anz/USWC trading
usd 16,300
Conti Pacific extn CMA/CGM
23,276dwt 1684teu (1150 at 14t) 19kn on 52 for further 6 mos Cont/E African trade
usd 15,200
Cap Vilano APL
27,892dwt 1538teu (1325 at 14t) 20kn on 79 for 2-3 mos Feast trade
usd 11,000
Nordsky KMTC
14,190dwt 1158teu (684 at 14t) 17kn on 29.5 for 3 mos inter Asian trade
usd 9,250
Bernard S NYK
14,454dwt 1104teu (765at 14t) 19kn on 39 for 18/62 mos Feast/WCSA trading
usd 10,825/12,750
Phoenix extn Star Feeders
15,153dwt 1048teu (751 at 14t) 18.5kn on 37.5 for further 9 mos Mid East/Red Sea
usd 10,500
Herm Kiepe extn Dole
13,400dwt 969teu (690 at 14t) 19kn on 37 for further 12 mos Caribs trade
usd 10,400
Muenster extn MSL
13,300dwt 910teu (703 at 14t) 19kn on 44.3 for further 15 mos Feast/SE Asia trading
usd 10,100
Asimont RCL
15,414dwt 818teu (732 at 14t) 17kn on 31 for 24 mos interasian trade
usd 8950

This report reflects information given in good faith to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee.