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Market Report

Container update 16th September, 2010

There are a number of different views and opinions about the container charter market at this very moment, largely depending upon whether people are talking about the short term or the long term.

In the short term, some operators and commentators are pointing to slowing cargo volumes, lower utilisation figures, freight rates under pressure and continued newbuilding deliveries as evidence that the rise in charter rates will not continue. For the final quarter of the year, we believe that the rates in most of the charter market sizes (600 - 4000 teu) will not move further upwards and will come under some pressure in certain market segments. We are also beginning to see some relets from operators themselves coming onto the charter market and this will put some additional pressure on the market. This, however, is fairly common for the last quarter of the year, a traditionally quiet time in the charter market, so it is not really indicative of the long term future of the container market.

What will be more significant is how the market looks come March - April 2011, the traditional fixing period in the charter market. This will provide a much stronger indication as to the long term health and direction of the market. From a longer term perspective the outlook looks fairly positive and the recent activity in the newbuilding market is evidence of owners / operators sharing this belief. There are a number of discussions continuing with yards in China and South Korea about containerships from the 1700 teu to 9000 teu and there continues to be a lot of rumours about orders of 16000-18000 teu ships in S Korean yards. The fact that a number of operators are willing to fix for longer periods is also evidence of belief in the longer term future of the market.




JPO Vela´09 Hapag Lloyd
50420 dwat 4252 teu (2800 @ 14ts)
24,5kn on 133ts
24 mos
Santa Barbara´92 SCI
39424 dwat 3054 teu (2268 @ 14ts)
23kn on 115ts
24 mos
Cordelia´03 CSAV
39422 dwat 2826 teu (2020 @ 14ts)
24kn on 95ts
6 mos
Tatiana Schulte´05 MISC
39000 dwat 2824 teu (2029 @ 14ts)
23kn on 96ts
18 mos
Magnavia´96 OOCL
30743 dwat 2078 teu (1650 @ 14ts)
21,5kn on 73ts
7 mos
AS Savonia´00 TS Lines
21614 dwat 1679 teu (1230 @ 14ts)
21kn on 61ts
7 mos
Cape Fulmar´07 Wan Hai
20250 dwat 1440 teu (1065 @ 14ts)
19,8kn on 45ts
6 mos
Friesedijk´09 Centrans
12400 dwat 877 teu (610 @ 14ts)
18,3kn on 36ts
6 mos


Merkur Gulf´05 CMA CGM
34300 dwat 2556 teu (1860 @ 14ts)
22kn on 87ts
6 mos
Borkum Trader´98 Maersk Line
33976 dwat 2474 teu (1890 @ 14ts)
21kn on 67ts
24 mos
Sag Westfalen´03 CMA CGM
30450 dwat 2202 teu (1735 @ 14ts)
21,5kn on 96ts
9 mos
Seajade´10 Poly
16855 dwat 1368 teu (870 @ 14ts)
19kn on 42,5ts
12 mos
Medocean´06 APL
18700 dwat 1296 teu (957 @ 14ts)
19,6kn on 45ts
6 mos
Tampa Bay´06 Seacon
13760 dwat 1118 teu (700 @ 14ts)
19,5kn on 36ts
6 mos
DS Ability´07 YML
13760 dwat 1118 teu (700 @ 14ts)
19,5kn on 36ts
6 mos
Hoheweg´07 CMA CGM
11800 dwat 966 teu (604 @ 14ts)
18,5kn on 37ts
8 mos

This report reflects information given in good faith to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee.