HARPER PETERSEN provides a comprehensive and wide variety of shipbroking services to the maritime industry with its main focus on the container shipping market.


Our headquarter is in Hamburg and our other locations include Singapore, Shanghai and the Netherlands.


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HARPER PETERSEN offers a wide range of shipbroking and commercial chartering services of container vessels of all different sizes. We are located in Hamburg, Germany, with branch offices in  Shanghai, The Netherlands and Singapore. 

HARPER PETERSEN was founded in 1943 in the UK, and in the 1980's went on to become one of the leading chartering agents for P & O Containers, Nedlloyd, Safmarine, United Arab Shipping, CSAV, CP Ships group, Crowley and Harrisons.

In 2003 Hamburg based ER Schifffahrt and Rickmers Reederei became joint shareholders of HARPER PETERSEN and assumed full ownership in 2004.

In September 2004 a subsidiary company, Eight Dragons Ship Brokers Ltd, was founded in Hong Kong together with a representative office in Shanghai in order to expand business in Asia. This company was renamed Harper Petersen & Co. (Asia) Ltd. in August 2007 in order to give a common brand to our business activities worldwide.

CONTCHART was founded in 2012 by Thien & Heyenga. In autumn 2012, MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Steamship, Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement and GB Shipping & Chartering became new partners of the joint venture.

In 2015 HARPER PETERSEN started a bulk desk with the focus to look exclusively after the bulk carriers of its shareholders and in 2016 the company expanded its business activities in Asia by establishing Harper Petersen & Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

In 2016 CONTCHART became a fully owned subsidiary of MPC Capital. End of 2018 CONTCHART opened branch offices in the Netherlands and Singapore.

In 2018, HARPER PETERSEN was sold to Bremen-based Zeaborn Group, which in 2019 joined forces with MPC Capital, merging their activities in shipbroking, chartering and commercial management in a newly found joint venture and under the traditional shipbroker brand HARPER PETERSEN.

In 2023, the MPC Group acquired all remaining shares of Harper Petersen & Co. from Zeaborn, converting Harper Petersen & Co. into a 100% MPC-owned subsidiary.

In 2024, the MPC Group added the tank, bulk and sale & purchase activities of Albis Shipping to Harper Petersen, thereby forming a very diversified broking house.






Fixtures in 2020



The joint venture between CONTCHART and HARPER PETERSEN was formed to gain a wider commercial presence in the fast changing and challenging world of today’s shipping industry. By bringing together the competence and experience of the Zeaborn and MPC groups and their dedicated staff, HARPER PETERSEN was able to strengthen its global market presence and to further enhance the efficiency of its working processes. The diverse fleet of vessels represented enables HARPER PETERSEN to offer its clients a quality-oriented, personalized and independent service. It is our vision to be your first class partner with a deep market insight and an overall coverage who conducts a close personal and reliable network within the maritime industry.

HARPER PETERSEN – a leading partner in shipbroking services and commercial vessel management providing opportunities in worldwide maritime trade.

Through understanding our customers’ business & a differentiated approach we deliver personal, reliable, efficient & flexible quality services.



The HARPEX (HARPER PETERSEN Charter Rates Index) is published by HARPER PETERSEN and reflects the worldwide price development on the charter market for container ships. The HARPEX was originally developed in 2004 data accumulated since 2001, adjusted in 2011 and 2017 in response to clients and users. The Charter Rates are assessed weekly for 6-12 months fixture periods on the basis of actual weekly fixtures reported and our own market assessment.

HARPEX Vessel Size in TEU - Rates in US$
Index 700 1100 1700 1800 2500 2700 3500 4250 6500 8500
12-Jul-2024 1,990 10,000 15,000 23,500 29,000 30,000 33,000 40,000 46,000 62,000 72,000
05-Jul-2024 1,973 9,250 13,000 23,500 29,000 30,000 33,000 40,000 46,000 62,000 72,000
28-Jun-2024 1,941 9,250 12,500 22,500 28,000 30,000 33,000 40,000 46,000 60,000 70,000
21-Jun-2024 1,891 9,250 12,000 20,000 27,000 29,000 32,000 39,000 45,000 59,000 69,000

The full HARPEX Series is available by subscription. For further information, please contact us under:

Our HARPEX index was developed in 2004 with data accumulated since 2001. In 2011 and again in 2017 the HARPEX was adjusted to correctly reflect the current container charter market. While the adjustment in 2011 involved a shift in methodology from a stochastic model to a panel poll-based assessment, the change in 2017 incorporated two new ship classes.

Harper Petersen provides the index for each calendar week based on rate assessments for nine classes of ships. The assessments assume 6-12-Months charter periods and are based on actual weekly fixture reports of the container market as well as Haper Petersen’s own market assessment. The published charter rate levels are in US Dollars for the following size / specification of container ships.

 700 teu gear­less

abt 700 teu

abt 400­@14t

abt 8400 dwt

abt 100 reefer

abt 17kn

1100 teu geared

abt 1100 teu

abt 700­@14t

abt 14000 dwt

abt 200 reefer

abt 19kn

1700 teu geared

abt 1700 teu

abt 1300­@14t

abt 23000 dwt

abt 300 reefer

abt 20kn

1800 teu geared

abt 1800 teu

abt 1300­@14t

abt 23000 dwt

abt 300 reefer

abt 18kn

2500 teu geared

abt 2500 teu

abt 1850­@14t

abt 34000 dwt

abt 300 reefer

abt 22kn

2700 teu gear­less

abt 2700 teu

abt 2100­@14t

abt 37000 dwt

abt 300 reefer

abt 22kn

3500 teu gear­less

abt 3500 teu

abt 2400­@14t

abt 42000 dwt

abt 300 reefer

abt 22kn

4250 teu gear­less

abt 4250 teu

abt 2800­@14t

abt 50000 dwt

abt 400 reefer

abt 23kn

6500 teu gear­less

abt 6500 teu

abt 4900­@14t

abt 82000 dwt

abt 500 reefer

abt 24kn

8500 teu gear­less

abt 8500 teu

abt 6350­@14t

abt 100000 dwt

abt 700 reefer

abt 25kn

The HARPEX in combination with published rates is a powerful research tool for our clients , providing them with following possibilities:

  • Tracking the actual time charter rates for a particular size of ship over various periods.
  • Comparing market fluctuations in different ship sizes to determine correlations over certain periods.
  • Tracking of actual time charter rates for various sizes of ships as well as portraying their respective moving averages.

HARPEX is used by Refinitiv (ex Reuters), Macrobond and Haver as well as various analysts as market reference. Moreover, the HARPEX can be found in publications by the FED of Dallas, the OECD, and EUROSTAT.

If you have any questions about our HARPEX index or the data used, please do not hesitate to contact us at



Our services include chartering, operations, accounting, and future fuels & compliance. All these services are especially customized for our clients.


Chartering is responsible for maintaining and advancing good working relationship with all market participants such as owners, charterers and brokers, identifying market trends and opportunities, aligning ships and suitable requirements on the charter market, negotiating and concluding the charter contracts after a thorough market research and analysis, marketing the fleet and securing best possible fleet employment under both short and long-term contracts.


Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operational business: maintaining the communication between Owners & Charterers during and after any charter, instructions to vessel's command related to employment, coordination of delivery & re-delivery from charterers, the coordination of vessel repair/ maintenance with charterers and technical managers, the phase out/in before and after off-hire with charterers and the handling of claims, casualty coordination, complaints and disputes (e.g. vessel performance).


Marine accounting is responsible for all accounting matters in relation to a charter party: Invoicing of hire and further services to the charterers in the name of the owner according to the underlying charter party terms. The service includes issuance and posting of hire statements, bunker settlements and charterers' expenses, monitoring of incoming payments and dunning process as well as the registration and posting of owners expenses.


Future Fuels & Compliance is responsible for supporting our customers on the decarbonisation of their vessel operations. The groupwide Marine Decarbonisation Team develops solutions for lowering a vessels carbon footprint in order to comply with regulations or even to be able to offer advanced services by means of green transport capacity. We follow a holistic approach considering efficiency improvements, choice of fuel with its impact on emissions and continuously engage with relevant stakeholders.



The fleet list of HARPER PETERSEN comprises all container ships and their detailed specifications.


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